Mom’s Academic Burnout

A student sleeping with a book on their head

Too Much My brain is screaming “STOP” and I continue to force the verbal readings of one literary text after another. For hours,  Biology, English, and an anti-war novel; full of gruesome and triggering stories play on and on. The video on how to write an argumentative essay plays while I cook diner and pack […]

The Pandemic: School, Work, and Family in Isolation

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The Pandemic from March 2020 to August 2021 Our lives have been permanently altered ever since the Pandemic began. For me, it’s been a balancing act to be a full-time student, homeschool parent, work, and practice self-care. I’ve been blessed to have some amazing people in my life that have helped me along the way. […]

Doubt the Doubts

If you grew up like I did, to doubt everything you do, then the name of this article makes sense to you. How do you stop doubting yourself when you grew up with everyone causing you to doubt yourself? I don’t intend to answer that question and am sharing my experience because I have felt […]

Fear When Life Is Good

Fear When Life Is Good Do you ever feel thrilled when something goes well and then immediately feel crushing fear that something terrible will be just around the corner? If you have had a life full of disappointment and people that are too happy to celebrate your failures, you might know what I am talking […]

A Shift to Real Food during Covid

A Trip to ER A few weeks ago I ended up in Emergency feeling as if I was dying. My stomach had swollen to look as if I were 5 months pregnant and I had pain when I moved that felt as a dagger was inside me. The doctor ordered an emergency ultrasound and many […]

So This is 40

When I turned 39 I vowed to be in the best shape of my life by 40. It’s possible that I could say I hit the goal due to a minor technicality, I never said the best shape of what! If I had said psychologically or personality I made it but I am still working […]

While the World Stands Still

While the World Stands Still The world has “nearly” stopped for 6 weeks now, because of Covid-19. Most of the people I know are devastated, and many are facing financial hardship. I have been self-isolating and keeping extremely busy. The time is going fast as I have my first fulltime semester at The University of […]

Choosing A Good Life with Daniel Kold

Despite living with Fanconi anemia and surviving cancer twice, he is remarkably resilient.  Daniel started the Life, Death and Happiness podcast to allows others the opportunity to share their amazing stories of living with chronic and sometimes terminal illnesses. He has a great sense of humor and shares his story to inspire others. Listen to […]